Friday, October 24, 2008

Rest and Recovery...

Emma Grace's Fifth Birthday party...
was last Saturday at Bounce U - as our friend Lisa said,
"It was off the hook..."
It was great and the kids had super fun.

Even the grown ups got to have their hand at playing games and jumping and climbing on the bouncy air stuff! I had a blast. We were so glad that our families got to come down for the weekend, too. We were also glad to not have 11 people in our house come Sunday night when we got to sleep in our own bed again. =)

Ollie and Grandma Barb had fun shooting air guns at mommy - I finally gave up and just starting chucking balls over the net at them both! I'm telling you it really was fun!

A pre-party shot of Grampy Ta and EG...

The youngest Whisonants in the house last weekend...
Can you tell whose is whose and how old they are? =)
Our Ollie is 19 months old on the left and Hayley and Stevie's Noahie is almost 2.5 on the right.
It was a hoot~

Sorry the post took so long - these days posting takes more effort than I'm willing to put forth...but when pops has been posting more frequently than me, well, it was time to improve!!! =)

And one more linky to more b'day weekend pics, too.

And a praise to add -- my mom went back to work Tuesday this week -- it's not full time, yet
but she's happy to be anywhere but stuck in her house all the time
God is good, all the time!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Fifth Birthday, Emma Grace!!!

And yes, I know I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon...see, what I had meant to say bad. =)

Today Emma Grace turned FIVE!!! She had birthday breakfast, birthday cupcake snack at school, birthday Zaxby's lunch, birthday ravioli dinner, birthday cupcake and ice cream dessert, birthday presents, birthday dinner you see the theme? =) We had a great day - our baby girl is five. WOW.

Tomorrow Chris is working from home, my folks are coming, his folks are coming, Uncle Stevie and Aunt Hayley and Noahie are coming --- we're having her party on Saturday and having pumpkin pie and carving pumpkins, too. I love it! YAY!

So here are some pics of the kiddos lately - enjoy!