Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary...

Happy 38th Anniversary to my in-laws, known around here as Grandma Jane and Pa David!
We love you!!!

And of course, some love from their 3 grandkids, too...

Okay --- so yes, I have fallen of the blogging band wagon - again. What can I say? My name is Jen and I love facebook. (Hi, Jen.) I still follow all my friends' blogs and some amazing money saving blogs - but I would rather facebook stalk you than blog now - what has this world come to? =D

On the money saving blog line -- check on my new favorite,
I won her amazing coupon organizing binder and just got it yesterday.
(It may be my most favorite Valentine's present ever - is that sad?)
But follow the link on over to her site and I promise you will save some big money!!!

Now - what you all came for - pics of the kids -- honestly, we spent most of January sick or sick of being sick! EG would get a round, then Ollie, then me, then Chris would be out of town, then EG would get sick, then Ollie, then Chris would be out of town...lather, rinse, repeat. It was awful, but I'm hoping we're all on the mend now. Even if we all have runny noses today. Bless it.

So, here's Ollie loving on the humidifier - we had to eventually put it away b/c of his infatuation with it!

I think we had someone sleeping on the couch for most of January!

Hooray - we're all well at the same time!!!

We also suffered some earthly losses in January - we were ready to move on to February - I just ask that you keep both of our families in your prayers. I won't go into detail here - but the Holy Spirit will intercede as you pray. I will share that my 24 year old cousin, Michelle, died January 30th in a terrible car accident on Celanese Road in Rock Hill - please pray for her many friends and family left behind. It was very sudden and tragic. They need your prayers right now to live life without her here. We rest in knowing she's in the Father's arms without pain of any kind worshiping Jesus eternally.

Immediately after her death, my dear friend pulled a choir piece out called "Bow the Knee" - and it hit home - I found the lyrics for free online - I've sung this song before at our home church, but this time, it hurt to sing because it was so real as it seems our lives aren't as "easy" as they used to be - I've found being close to God's plan for us hurts some times, but it all falls into His plan to make me more like Him. I'm so glad Jesus wants me to be like Him and loves me enough to push me out my comfort zone to live my life for Him. I never thought I'd find comfort in the uncomfortable and excruciating, but this last year has taught me many lessons to grow me (BP you can STOP preaching directly to me at any time, for real!) and keep growing me - even when I resist and refuse. God's always working. Yay God!

And for now - I'm back, but who knows when I'll fall off the wagon, again!


Grammy said...

I guess I'm going to have to get a facebook page to keep up with you. Ollie is looking so grown up. We get to see Jen and family tomorrow. Thank Heaven for a west coast load.

Jen Dub-ya said...

Yay that you get to see Jen tomorrow. YAY. I think I hear facebook calling your name. =)

GE is me said...

Hey Jen, thanks for the blog update. Happy belated anniversary. Is the 13th the in-laws? Mine was the 14th & I didn't even blog about it. We have been sooo busy.
I'll have to find you on facebook. :)