Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Emma Grace and Daddy carved our pumpkin on the patio while mommy and Ollie watched from inside, since Ollie had another ear infection.

Emma Grace as Tinker Bell and Ollie as the cow.

The cow costume was Emma Grace's from her first birthday - yes he's as big as sissy was a 1 year old and he's not even 8 months old yet!

Our attempt of a family pic!

Since Ollie had an ear infection, we dressed for Halloween together, but then it was time to divide and conquer. So, daddy got the easy job - candy and Ollie - and mommy got the grunt work (as usual, right?) - trick or treating in a gigantic never-ending neighborhood and Emma Grace. But thanks to some great folks who are willing to welcome newcomers, we trick or treated on one street with a small herd of kiddos and 6 adults and a pumpkin filled to the brim with candy!

Wanna see more pics? Check out my facebook page.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ear infection #2

So, we will soon have stock options at Rite-Aid here. Ollie came down with the fever that never ends again and cries that were terrible. Saturday morning, Chris took him to the ped and it was yet another ear infection...though the docs think that maybe his earlier infection didn't totally clear up and came back to this nicely raging one. So, after ear drops every 2 hours, Augmentin for the last 24 hours, and regular doses of tylenol, our little fella is turning around. YUCK - Emma Grace did not do the ear thing like this -- and as I'm stressing and tired, Chris adds so perfectly as he does, you know I had to have tubes twice as a kid. Thanks - yes - that helped. But for now, things are looking up, OT is returning to normal, EG is hyped up for Halloweening and Chris is in town for the time being --- the sun's shining and hey, I may even splurge and take EG to Super Target to shop this afternoon. =) And yes, I hear silence from the nursery - hallelujah! Chris and EG are at church and all I can hear is the humming of the washing machine...ahhhh.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Da Beach...

this past weekend was HOT! But we had lots of fun with both of our parents and our kids. Here's the pics I promised. They are at my facebook page...Enjoy! Thanks to the grands for lots of fun, merriment, and spoilage.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

REAL rain...

Thank you God for the rain! It has rained almost all day here and it rained hard for at least 2 hours. God is so good...He makes rain for you and me! Emma Grace saw how hard it was raining and she felt the need to tell me about Noah and the ark and maybe if it rained more, we might need one, too. I love that child!

REAL vacation...

As all of my friends have heard me whine - my "vacation" this summer was being a one woman show moving from SC to GA...not great fun, I might add. This past weekend, I got a real vacation. We started and it has become a quasi-tradition, going to the beach every October for our daughter's birthday. And it felt like vacation and it was great. We broke up the 7 hour trip by stopping in Augusta on the way to Surfside on Wednesday and in Columbia on Sunday on the way home. We saw friends we hadn't seen in ages and played at the beach with both sets of Emma's grandparents. Needless to say, I am tired this morning. =) And my children are spoiled...but we'll recover and routine will take over soon. I'll post some pictures soon...right now I have no idea where they are and ask me if I care.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For Emma Grace...

Our Carolina Girl...

Emma Grace's first Easter...

Emma Grace and Mommy at Moody's wedding (3.5 years old)

Emma Grace at 3 years old...

Emma Grace's first birthday party...

Emma Grace's first day at home in daddy's arms...

Emma Grace's Oos phase

Her first birthday...

Her second birthday...

Happy 4th Birthday, baby!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

No More Portable Swing...

OT has learned how to basically do a sit-up...especially when I put him in the small portable swing which is more like a hammock in style. I walked away for a minute to grab a towel for my shower - he usually sits there while I shower, but alas, no more. When I returned from getting the towel, he was leaning out of the front of the swing grabbing the base. I said, "OLLIE!" He just looked up and grinned like yeah mom can't stick me in here any more can you? So, he got an early nap while mommy showered...that'll teach him! =)

Grandparents Day - Sept. 28th 2007

We've been out of the loop a little bit with trips to Rock Hill, Chris's dad being sick, and then both our kids getting sick, but I realized that I never posted about Grandparents Day!

My folks were great and headed down here late on a Thursday night only to get up early the next morning to take Emma Grace to Grandparents Day at her preschool. Her school really is great and tries so hard to make school a family interest. Everyone had fun, I think.

Grandma Jane and Pa were supposed to come, too, but this was the week that Pa had to be admitted to the hospital in renal failure. He had just gotten home from the hospital that day before this event. So, after Grandparents Day, we all went back to Rock Hill to see him and our dear friends, too...that did make a previous post...just not the Grandparents Day pics!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Reflections - Baths, Baptisms, Blessings

I realized just recently how special anything can be, when you take time to reflect.

We recently rushed home to Rock Hill two weekends in a row and the whole episode seemed to flash by us. Then this week, time stood still as the baby was sick for the first time, as he cut teeth for the first time, and as Emma Grace was sick for the first time that she didn't need extreme respiratory treatments. And today, I thought what blessing...That a bath can lower a baby's fever and elevate some of their misery, that a bath can sooth a sick 3 year old just simply because it's one on one and you washed their back. And I thought, how cleansing water is, and I realized that there were missed blessings while we were in Rock Hill as we got to see two of our friend's children be baptized -- immersed in good old Rock Hill water to be cleansed in the outward expression of faith, in trust in Christ, IN BELIEVER'S BAPTISM. The first Sunday we were home, we got to watch Amanda and Wes's oldest child be baptized - so cool to see a 10 year old with a heart of pure love for the Lord be willing to announce his faith so publicly. The last Sunday we were home, we got to watch Evans and Cindy's youngest child be baptized by her dad - so awesome to sit next to Cindy as her youngest proclaimed her love for the Lord as her daddy "dunked" her, his favorite red-headed child (his only red-headed child). =) And I don't know, today was the day to stop and be thankful - that my kids are healing, that other believer's children are coming to know Our Heavenly Father, that even such a simple compound like water can be so precious and remind us all of Jesus. And did I mention that here in Georgia, we need water, and lots of it? Really, pray for rain, we live near Lake Allatoona, which has become less than a "crick" after this drought...pray for God's healing and cleansing rain -- literally and spiritually, too...and smile, even in the rain. Who knows, I may go sing in the rain later...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Antibiotics for the Little Man

Okay, so while we were in Rock Hill, my kids got sick(er), which made the car ride home interesting. Emma Grace's runny nose turned into a full blown viral sinus infection or a really bad cold...which made her mood impeccable. Then, by Monday, Ollie began his runny nose and running low grade fevers. TOO MUCH FUN FOR ME!

All's to say that now we are on the road to recovery - after a very horrible week. Emma Grace's cold almost ran its course with just over the counter meds and we got some prescription decongestants today to knock it out fully. Ollie's infection however was not so easy. He cried for about 36 hours with very little breaks --- only for bottles, baths, and bibs (eating). He was on his way from a cold to ear infection as fluid had started to build behind his ears explaining the unceasing sobs of my little man that really NEVER cries. He's got his first round of amoxicillin.

Here's the free tip of the day - don't shop while waiting in the pharmacy for meds to be filled. In less than 15 minutes, $40 worth of prescriptions cost me $119 by the time I left with them, diapers, tylenol for everyone, and various other convenience items.