Monday, July 30, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding Part 1

Only a true friend will wear a strapless dress 4 months after having a baby
and let her 3 year old stay up until 11pm!!!
Isn't Aim pretty? She looks like a girl!

My little Family minus Ollie.

Emma Grace was the cutest kid there and she likes to boogie!

Me and my girl.

Emma Grace and Grampy Ta.

I uploaded some photos to Facebook. You can check them out at:

That's all for now folks -
laundry needs to be done,
baby crying,
and a 3 year old is being quiet somewhere...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Only in Rock Thrill...

Okay, so apparently, certain people, ah-hem, think that my blog is not pithy or entertaining or the that, I say - nananabooboostickyourheadindoodoo -

But moving on to the entertaining portion and giving you the best that Rock Thrill has to offer, we were home in Rock Hill this last 10 days for my best friend's wedding (which was awesome, fantastic, and did I say, awesome? - More to post later after some pics on that.), but this story surpasses even the wedding ones...

So, it's 1 am on Sunday morning and Chris and I are driving back separately from the wedding reception and we're headed to his parent's to spend the night, when we have to stop at a traffic light in McConnells. So, we are yakkin' on the phone to each other to stay awake, Chris in front in his parents' car and me behind him in our car --- and we have to both stop for the red light --- yet the truck that has the green light is stopped. Chris was like hmmm, wonder why that truck is stopped? And remember McConnells is country...and I see a guy on the side of the truck opposite us just standing there in the road looking straight ahead --- does anyone see where this is going?? I said, Bub, I think that guy behind the truck is peeing. No way, you say. So Chris looks and I don't --- PTL. The guy was, yes, in fact, stopped at a green light and had gotten out of his truck to take a pee in the road. Welcome home, welcome home.

As I said, Only in Rock Thrill!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The house and The mountains

The kids got to bed by dusk,
so I went outside to get some fresh air.
Here's the house...

And, here's the view...
Yes, those are mountains rising from the fog
that rolled in after the much needed rain.

O. T.

Sissy was upstairs playing and so, I caught a quick shot of Ollie by himself.
He had just spit up all over his mickey mouse shirt,
so you get to see my little guy and all his cute little rolls!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The kids just laying around...

being cute!!! I can't get just pics of one alone because Emma always wants in the picture with her brother or wants her brother in the picture with her. She smiles the most sincerely with little Ollie right beside her. She adores him so. I thank the Lord tonight because of the love He shares with His children and because of the grace He gives Chris and I as we teach our kids how to love like Jesus. There are so many moments as all we have are each other that I am just overcome by how much our little family loves. PTL!

Nobody better lay a finger on...

My butterfinger! I must confess I wholeheartedly loved butterfingers and really could have cared less for the Simpsons, but the movie is coming out and Chris did an avatar of what he would be as a Simpsons character, so what the heck....

Here's what I came back with...

Okay, so this gal's got a better figure than me, but I figure the big mouth and big hair were pretty accurate. And since, we were all digging into the past for our top 5 lists, I thought you'd all get a giggle from me as a Simpsons character...we can call her bulldog, because after all the only difference between a bulldog and a female lead vocalist is lipstick, right pops??

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Top 5, Side 1, Track 1

So, Bubba tagged me to do this list your favorite top 5, side 1, track 1 list...

Here it goes...
Belly-laughing, snorting, and peeing of pants permitted...

Artist: Eagles
Album: Hotel California
Year: 1976
Hotel California

Artist: Whitney Houston
Album: Whitney
Year: 1987
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

Artist: New Kids on the Block
Album: Step by Step
Year: 1990
Step by Step

Artist: Tanya Tucker
Album: What Do I Do with Me
Year: 1991
If Your Heart Ain’t Busy Tonight

Artist: R.E.M.
Album: Monster
Year: 1994
What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

So, obviously, I am not a normal human being! I have had many phases and hairdos to go with my current musical obsession --- which in my teenage years mostly came from my friends. Since Chris and others have snagged some of my all-time favs, I had to think outside the box. Enjoy!

My childhood consisted of long car rides to Pennsylvania with grandparents who loved HeeHaw and parents who loved rock and Lionel Ritchie and country. My teenage years are inexplicable, other than I was a victim of my own peers' pop culture. Then post-teen years are dominated by the influence of Chris. We used to do battle on the 2 hour ride from Rock Hill to Greenville and Spartanburg over the radio...He has always loved Christian weirdo rock stuff with some other bizarre stuff mixed in as well as classic rock and I was 100% a country music freak along with anything else that pop culture brought along.

So, that's my list - I'm a big girl...

So, now I tag,
Stephen Whis
Hayley Whis
All of the Newells (That's 5 by themselves)
Chris Moody
Lottie Moody

If you don't have a blog, you can post yours under the comments on mine...
Let's hear it!!!

The Wades...

In this first lifelike portrayal...
Everyone is wearing earmuffs except for Mr. Jake...
I should probably ask why because as she is my child,
there will be a reason for the earmuffs.

In this second masterful work,
everyone except for Mrs. Jen is on the railroad.

And in the third and final piece of art in the series,
you will see Mr. Jake in a cave...
Again, I should ask the reasons why, but
maybe Mrs. Jen has her own reasons.

I hope you all enjoyed the gallery!!!
We love you, Wades!

Okay, so I'm still a nut...

This morning I was headed to the shower and like the good nosy neighbor, i peeked out my windows to see the street's happenings. I saw a black bmw with rims and deeply tinted windows sitting right in front of my house. So, you know me, i was ready to call the police or sheriff or mounty or whatever the proper authority would be here in the middle of nowhere yet with the Atlanta traffic! So, as I'm memorizing the license plate because I'm too lazy to go back downstairs for the 10th time to get a pen...

A very nicely dressed man comes from behind the house across the street with a really expensive camera in his hands...Our neighbors had just put their house on the market and he was the appraiser or realtor one taking shots of the house and his car was parked in front of our place so the car wouldn't be in the photo...

But you know me and I was ready to bust out my front door with a baseball bat and scare the tar out of this poor fellow...

And you know that my mind had run away with itself and had vacation, too!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good night, friends...

I am weary and sore...
so, I'm off...


So, with my Jengenuity, that is ingenuity and frugality...
I've re-worked our old bedroom suite and
several leftovers from around the house,
for our guest suite...

So, come on, we'll leave the light on for ya...

It was fun to use bits and pieces, odds and ends,
to come up with something nice and inviting...
I still need to hang pictures everywhere in the house,
but as always, it's a work in progress.

Kid stuff...

I've spent a lot of time in Emma Grace's room,
so she will start to be more comfortable and
love her new room like she did her old one.

I tried to get some of Ollie's things hung on the walls, too.
Upstairs is getting more attention now...

This is the beginning of the kids'/guest bathroom
upstairs between Ollie's room and the guest room.

I'm gonna have to do something fun in here like
I did at the other house. I'm thinking some stripes or
just a fun color...Emma has requested green everywhere.

So, things are hoppin' along here!

The second floor of the foyer...

Here's a shot from the top of the stairs looking out to the street...

The foyer is a work in progress, but we're getting there...
At least, now, there's little clutter, no boxes,
and even a lamp!

We're fixing up the half bath downstairs with
all the orchids and narcissus stuff from our
master bath at the other house.

Everything's still bright and shiny...
We're getting there - still lots of boxes and
way too much junk that needs thrown away!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Dragon Tales...

Okay, so no pics this time - I know you're disappointed. But it is a funny!

Emma loves Dragon Tales on PBS - it's a show with magical dragons that speak-uh the english and spanish - it's pretty cute, but somewhat annoying as all children's programming - except for VeggieTales - I have a genuine affection for talking tomatoes.

Okay, so the funny...We put in a Dragon Tales DVD for the car ride and Emma puts on headphones, then she sings at the top of her lungs, "I wish I wish with all my heart to fly with dwagons in a land of-fart" --- Chris and I giggled for the next 30 minutes. Of course, she was riding in the car for 5 hours with her daddy -- it does kind of become a land of fart after a while. LOL!!!

The song actually goes, "I wish I wish with all my heart to fly with dragons in a land apart." Gotta love it! She is soooo like her momma, if you don't know the words, just make it up with a joyful heart. Of course, this coming from the gal who thought that song in the 90's was "can't find the butter milk" - "can't find the better man" - it was a black covered CD and a rock band - Chris will know who I read the comments to find out and laugh at me...I don't mind.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Too cute, not to post tonight!!!

We're starting to let Ollie have some baby foods,
so tonight we experimented with some baby peas
with his rice cereal at dinner time.

Aren't these kids beautiful!?!

Master Bedroom Round 2

Okay, so I'm going a little nuts, but Chris is snoring
and I had an iced caramel macchiato at ST tonight!!!

Let the fun begin!!!

Our Master Bedroom

Okay, so this is a very big, very blue bedroom -
let's call it big blue, in Chris's honor. =)

It's a great space with plantation shutters and a tray ceiling.

Here's a shot from within the master bathroom -
the door to the bedroom is on the left.
Do you just love living out of suitcases or what?

This is the jetted tub and shower.

So, this is the beginning...

The Downstairs Casual Spaces

Okay, so open our front door and this is the foyer, looking upstairs...

And looking straight ahead into the kitchen...
The door on the left is a half bath and there's one on the right that's a storage closet.

This is the kitchen looking from the breakfast room towards the foyer...

and from a little different angle,
the door to the left goes to the formal dining room
and there's a door to the right that goes out to the patio.
Right now, there's nothing in the breakfast room, but boxes and boxes of stuff!

This is looking into the den from the breakfast room, to the right is a door to the garage.
Chris had to go to Macon Sunday afternoon as soon as my parents and his mom went back to Rock Hill, but Pa David stayed with me and the kids until Chris got back Tuesday night. He worked hard around here - he was probably ready to go home. Every afternoon, the kids took a nap and so did gave me some quiet time. =)

So, enjoy it! We'll watch it transform together!

Bumbo and Loving It!

Just a few shots of OT in the hallway upstairs in his brand new Bumbo! We've actually had it for a while - it was just in a box. He does pretty good for a 3 1/2 month old!

Is this a Jen face or what?!?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Okay, so Chris and I attempted to "grill out" for the first time alone in our new place here in the lovely new home...

and we almost set the house on fire. Not quite that literally, but you could smell fire in the house and the grill was in flamage...

I had the brilliant idea to buy a slab of heat and eat extra meaty baby back ribs from the Super Target (this is just an aside - but Jen Wade - I am HOOKED on ST!!! The one here rocks!) and some corn on the cob, too. So, we followed the directions wrapping everything in foil being diligent to follow exactly as we'd never attempted anything other than hot dogs and chicken on the grill before. So, we fire up the grill and load it all on and then the cardinal error of a rookie...we walked away...oh, only for a minute...but as they say, that's all it takes! LOL!

So, Emma had a nice hot dog and chips for her first fourth of July dinner at our new house and Chris and I had charred baby backs and blackened corn on the cob.

Happy Fourth!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Settling in...

and spending Chris's hard-earned money! Tomorrow my new bedroom furniture will get here, so tonight I think I bought one of everything at Linens N Things.

Starting soon, we're gonna start posting pics of the house - we need to get the cable modem up and running and Chris needs to teach me how to post pics, too...that may help! It'll be like an HGTV show --- with before and after shots! For some of my friends, you'll love it!

Until then...

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well, I have my "stuff," though boxed it may be, a house full of in-laws and out-laws, a new sleek black fridge, and a set of twins upstairs already doing the laundry!

We're getting there. Chris almost has blinds on every window - the former owners did not have any blinds on any of the 12 windows on the back of this house! I'm not that free a spirit.

We're gonna hit the grocery store later after I find it again!!! I did find the golden arches and SB - come to think of it - the SB is in a Publix or a Kroger - can't remember which!