Monday, March 16, 2009

Ah, the ides of march - my boy's b'day

Ollie turned TWO yesterday! We had a very nice and very busy day - we ran our usual church day in the morning and at night and in between we had a special birthday lunch after morning church with some friends - "frins" as Ollie would say - which I love hear him say it this way because it sounds just like Bailey Wade when he was this age - ah, the memories of being pregnant with Ollie while Emma Grace and Bailey were running around while Jen and I did anything two pregnant women could do! =) SO back to the story --- we had a hectic day and Ollie took NO nap, but all was well worth it - we loved it all. Enjoy the pics here and on facebook.


Jen said...

Ollie T's frins wish they could've been there to celebrate his 'happy birthday' as Bailey now says, with him. And why am I pregnant again and you're not? It's because we can't have any firebonz dates with 'our' husband :o)

Jen Dub-ya said...

I'm still enjoying your comment, Jen! LOL.