Friday, September 7, 2007

Domino 8: 101 - ODS 48

Okay, geek squad - you'll just have to forgive my satire or parody or whatever this form of sarcasm is...I really couldn't resist. It was a long week and I needed a release and apparently, this was it.

*Domino 8 --- I must have played Emma Grace's new Diego dominoes at least 8 times a day while Chris was gone on this last business trip...Lord help my numb-brain! I see baby jaguar and Alicia in my sleep!

*101 - The number of times this week while Chris was gone that I was spit up on, pooped on, baby-drop-kicked, three-year-old pouted at, and many other gross and or frustrating moments that I will spare you from!

*ODS --- Obsessive Diaper Saves - I am the mom that can't stand a little one being wet or stinky. My olfactory sense is hypersensitive (just ask Chris)!!! It is worse when I am pregnant, but it's still pretty peaked from Ollie's pregnancy - I can smell a Frito at 20 paces or a toot in a whirlwind. So, it feels like all I have done while Chris was gone was change diaper after diaper after diaper --- and can I add here that Ollie is teething - yes, imagine how great these diapers have been and he is eating Gerber 2nd foods, too --- "all the colors of the rainbow" - 'nough said?

*48 - Because while Chris was gone this time, I may have nearly lost my mind - those of you that know me will comment that hadn't that already happened...well, this time a little curly-headed-Chris-lookin' thing mashed my buttons and a little pudgy Jen-lookin' thing without hair cried constantly --- so for the next 48 hours, welcome home baby, your children are waiting and I --- I will be off duty - hopefully, eating chocolate and sipping SB or maybe even sipping a SB chocolate something somewhere - and my name will be Jen again, not mommy. =)

In truth, while Chris was gone, I get my kids all to myself - all the hugs, the kisses, the deep thoughts of a 3 year old and the intense loving gaze of a 5 month's worth all of the above messes AND while Chris was gone, I get to appreciate having a great guy like Bubba who does anything and everything to be the man God chose for my soul mate and who for the most part has a much better grip on this parenting thing than I do --- so honey, for all the sucker punches I throw at you - this one is the love - Love ya! Please come home before I lose my ever-loving mind!!! =)


GE is me said...

Jen, don't know when Chris is suppose to be home, but hang in there! I feel your pain sista'. I tell you I see why God created this to be a partnership. I give kudos to all my friends who are single parents & would never wish it on my worst enemy. (okay, maybe my worst enemy)
Praying for you & hope you definitely get some "alone" time when Chris gets home.

Jen said...

great parody! at least i understand your version of that post and i'm with you. i didn't make it to MOPS on Friday because my precious blessings about drove me to check myself into the nearest Bull Street!!!! Not pretty...

AMANDA said...

Do they have Bull Street in Texas? Your preaching to the choir, sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the comments!
what's Bull Street?
Tim is gone next week for a week,so it's coming for me. :-)
Round and round it goes...


Jen Dub-ya said...

Bull Street is the all-inclusive resort spot in Columbia complete with your own padded room and cute little white jacket that ties up in the back with the help of the men in the long white the 4th floor at Piedmont.