Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Surrender...

Okay, so all the cool kids are bloggin' and I'm just not going to be outdone! So, as my friend said, I have been assimilated or in my case, I just surrender to being cool!

Chris and I have just made a huge decision and I guess it's time to blog so that everyone can keep up with the 'Nut family. Chris has accepted a position with Lotus911 in Kennesaw, GA, so watch out Bulldogs - family of nuts and Gamecock fans headed your way! We know this is what God has been preparing us for for a long time now. It is beautiful to live another piece of His puzzle for our lives - to obey Him! We're scared and excited and everything in between! Speaking of between, we'll all be living between Rock Thrill and Kennesaw until the house sells here...so tell all your friends.

We have been so richly blessed - it is unreal!

Keep up with us on my blog because you know no one understands that crazy-techno-talk on Bubba's blog. I'm sure to tell funny stories and share lots of embarrassing photos...after all, it's what I enjoy doing.


Phil said...

Hey, I get to leave the first comment!

Welcome to the blogging fold Jen! I'm one of Chris's friends from Lotuspheres past. I think he might be the most prolific commenter on my blog!

My wife just started a blog recently as well - http://kaths-korner.blogspot.com

Anyway, good luck with the move and the transition. We'll be praying for you!

scprideandms said...

I've been reading Chris's blog for a while (another geek here) and am a former resident of Starr, SC (Gamecocks are Ok but the Clemson Tigers ROCK). and the Elberton/Royston, GA area (just remember though Bulldogs love Gamecocks).

but now I am back to being a Bearcat/Musketeers fan...even though my father-in-law cringes every time I mention either (he bleeds Kentucky Wildcat Blue)

Jen said...

i just wanna know why i had to find out about your blog via chris' techno confusing blog? i thought i was your friend!!!

Chris Whisonant said...

My J Dub didn't want to come out of the blogging closet until she had some more "stuff" on her blog! :) She didn't know I was going to link to her!! haha

Jen Dub-ya said...

Yes, I was trying to hide that deep down I am a nerd...plus, I didn't want anyone making fun of my blog for being so boring...=)